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about us

We are a real estate development group
 with a focus on creativity, vision and community.

Millennial Development Partners is a commercial, residential, and resort real-estate development company located in Salt Lake City. A group of creative professionals with over 120 years’ combined experience in land planning and development, we have collectively pioneered much of the Wasatch Front’s successful development.

In 1973, founding partner Steve Young began a career creating neighborhoods and places where generations of families have now lived, grown up, and created lives and memories.  With an ethic of hard work and a commitment to the prosperity of families, he developed over 10,000 lots, shopping centers, office complexes, and parks that delivered safe, connected, and vibrant neighborhoods everywhere.  Steve has now completed projects in 17 municipalities and six counties. The built value of his combined projects is estimated above $3 Billion.  Existing assets under management and vertical build-out are well over $500 million.


In 1999, founding partner Buck Swaney began a career in professional land planning, public-private-partnerships, and urban technology. He ran one of the Wasatch Front’s most successful planning consultancies for several years before transitioning to land development.  During his 19-year career, Buck has helped dozens of cities, counties, communities build award-winning plans for economic development, parks and open space, general land-use, recreation and trails, transit and transportation, and sustainable development.  Buck is leading our charge to weave walkability and bikeability into the core fabric of projects and communities, and to deliver quality affordable homes to the Millennial Generation. 

Our team focuses extensive and innovative experience, powerful community relationships, and visionary foresight.  We are committed to creating innovative real-estate projects that transform the industry. Enduring Places.  Sustainability and Affordability.  Walkability and Livability.  These are our ethics.







Land development is the process of preparing raw land for construction of improvements.  It is usually done on small-to-medium sites, and typically involves nine steps:

  • Feasibility and Site Selection

  • Land Acquisition

  • Site Planning

  • Urban Design

  • Government Approvals

  • Utility Coordination

  • Financing

  • Construction

  • Marketing and Selling


Master-Planned development

Master-planned development is a much more complex type of land development.  Usually, these developments involve large areas, and carefully integrate a broad mix of uses into a cohesive whole.  As a result, a great master-planned community can conveniently connect mixed-density neighborhoods to jobs centers, retail nodes, and recreational amenities such as parks, open spaces, and bike/walking paths.  A key benefit of this type of development is the opportunity to integrate Smart City technologies on a universal scale, which can leverage savings in public safety, utilities, administration, transportation, and other realms. 





Infill development is the process of developing single vacant or underutilized parcels within existing areas that are already largely developed.  Much of the current development in the Wasatch Front is infill, where vacant lots in existing neighborhoods are some of the best candidates for new homes.




Redevelopment is the next frontier for land development America’s urban places.  As we complete the greenfield and infill development opportunities, blighted and depreciated land will be repurposed and redeveloped to accommodate denser and more vertical development.  Areas with walkable access to key amenities like parks, transit, stores, and shops will be redeveloped first.  Redevelopment involves more complex skills, often requiring public-private partnership to succeed.  Our team has unique experience with these partnerships and concepts.





Great commercial development increasingly comprehends the forces of the market: retail growth and leakage; brick-and-mortar vs online retail evolution; the value of placemaking as an economic development fundamental; and balancing vehicle accommodation with an autonomous vehicle future.  We develop commercial places understanding the whole picture.



We also offer Professional Office and medical space construction management. We run development projects using a proven 300 item management checklist.  Nothing is left to chance.


Experience that counts

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Past Experience




Master-planned, entitled, or improved over 10,000 residential units in over 100 different projects.



Mixed-use, retail, office, and multi-family projects.  Land development, planning, and programming for medical campuses and lifestyle shopping centers.





Proven track record—Completed development projects in 17 cities and six counties; Trusted planning and zoning relationships throughout the State.



Construction management offered on land development (horizontal) and residential, retail, and office (vertical) construction. 





Active Projects



4,500 Acres - 10,000 Homes - 1M Sq Ft Tech Park

Northgate is unlike any other community. It is a Millennial City, a place where the American Dream is restored, and well-paying jobs coexist with excellent, affordable housing. Each neighborhood owns its own style and artfully combines housing diversity.


American Fork Opportunity Zone Property

87 acre mixed-use project, Prime Location in American Fork, Utah, in the middle of the “Silicon SLopes”

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454 Condos - 50 Townhomes - 40 Mountain Cottages

The 454-residence community will be located on the western slope of the nearby Brian Head peak. a year round luxury resort with new ski-in / ski-out luxury residences.


Little Valley

Farmington Utah


Benches 14

Saratoga Springs Utah


Temple RIm

Payson Utah

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Bridger Mountain

Lincoln County WY




Executive management



Senior Partner

Todd Young, MBA,  has been involved in residential and commercial developments for the past 16 years. He joined Steve Young at DAI  in 2001 managing residential and office projects. Upon receiving his MBA, Todd joined ITW as a Brand Manager for LPS, one of ITW’s most profitable brands. Todd joined Steve at Young Development  in 2016 and is currently managing multiple projects in Utah, Idaho and Wyoming; including 1,000’s of residential units, resort properties, neighborhood commercial centers, and professional office space.

Buck Swaney

Senior Partner

Buck Swaney is a planner, collaboration expert, and land developer with 19 years' experience. His 120 successful public and private consulting projects include land development, economic development, urban planning, and transportation projects. As the Smart City Era dawns, Buck is designing places where principles of "Non-automobile Mobility", "Actually Affordable Housing", and high livability supported by the Internet of Things (IoT) come together.  Buck fuses the high principles of New Urbanism in each of our developments.


Steve Young

Senior Partner

Steve Young has been involved in residential and commercial developments for the past 42 years. In the 70’s and 80’s he was co-owner of B.A.Y. Construction and installed over 4,000 residential lots as a pipe and road contractor.  In 1986 he started Development Associates Inc.(DAI), and was involved in the development of 1,000’s of residential lots, neighborhood shopping centers, office buildings and parks.  In 2006 he founded Young Development on the platform of engaging other seasoned professionals like himself to create the highest quality developments in the industry.

Tom Ballard

Senior Partner - Northgate Idaho Project

Tom Ballard has been developing and building some of the best communities in the west since the 1980’s. When the suburbs of Phoenix and Scottsdale were developed as a series of master-planned communities in the 1980’s, Tom became on of the region’s best-known and successful volume builders. The communities he build have stood the test of time, retaining their authenticity, quality, and creating enduring value. Tom specializes in building great homes at great value, delivering affordable excellence.

Nathan Hale

Senior Partner

Nathan is the founder of Regency Investments and Development - a leader in real estate investment, resort development, and property management located in the Hawaiian Islands. Nathan later served as a mission president in South Florida and thereafter as the real estate director for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His responsibilities included the acquisition and development of temple sites and strategic high-value real properties worldwide for the Church. He brings 38 years of real estate experience and development expertise in excess of a billion dollars to the Millennial Development Team. He serves as an advisory board member and is actively involved in several non-profit organizations. Nathan is a graduate of Brigham Young University with emphasis in Finance, Marketing, and Financial Planning.